Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SPARTACUS R - RIP - Founding member of Osibisa dies

SPARTACUS R  also known as Roy Bedeau - b. 3rd September 1948 d. 30th July 2010
Bass player and founding Carribean member of International Afro-Rock band Osibisa, Spartacus passed away on Friday the 30th of July 2010 at Kings College Hospital, LondonHis exact cause of death remains unclear despite his recent battle with a rare form of blood cancer known as Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.

Spartacus was born in Aruba, Grenada and came to London in 1960.
He began his musical career in 1969 as founding member of Osibisa, where he played Bass guitar, percussion and vocals he also wrote, co-wrote and produced many of the songs on the bands first 3 albums Osibisa, Woyaya and Heads. 

After leaving Osibisa he continued to pursue music as a solo artist setting up Zara Music Records and producing albums Third World War, Freedom First, and Africa I See.
An accomplished and multitalented musician his skills as a singer, bass, electric and acoustic guitarist, percussionist, songwriter and producer meant he would often contribute to the musical work of other artists sometimes without any credit at all.

His beliefs about love, life, freedom, oppression and african identity can be heard in the songs that he wrote. 

He continued to explore these themes more recently as an author, with books he wrote and published himself on Sukisa Publications Love and Life: a Selection of Poems Songs and Thoughts from Spartacus R,
Human Value: Occupation as an Educational Strategy for Liberation, Violation: A Look at Non-Physical Violence in Relationships, The Maat Mystery.

His entrepreneurial spirit led him to become editor of Global Africa Pocket News (GAP News) a pocket sized global african news magazine and co-founder of GAP Radio and www.globalafrica.com the online african self help network.

Never afraid to speak his truth he earned the moniker of "Truthsayer" sharing his thoughts and opinions by contributing to and establishing various humanitarian and political movements during his lifetime. His overall message being that of african unity and liberation.

Often critisised for his confrontational style of debate, and unconventional ideas, he remained passionate about the way forward for africans in global and local community settings despite several attempts on his life.

Spartacus was dedicated to the belief that honest communication was the key to resolving most conflict. 
He also believed that a deeper awareness and knowledge of ones self, would ultimately lead to self determination and revolution.

Spartacus was an outspoken, complex and unforgettable character, a man who's worldy contributions via music, spoken word, politics, philosophical writing, debate and physical action will always be remembered by those that knew him, respected him and loved him.

He is survived by 5 brothers and sisters, 8 children and 5 grandchildren. May the anscestors guide, bless and protect his soul, spirit and legacy. A True African Warrior...You will be missed greatly RIP SPARTACUS R


  1. Thank you for this - My entire knowledge and exposure to Spartacus R is based on a single song I head back in the early 1980's "Ah Doh Wannu Goh" heard on a suburban New Jersey, USA college radio station. That song still gets a proper playing every year since then. R.I.P.

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  3. A great musician that inspired me in the way of playing music. R.I.P. Spartacus R
    Ol´ Arwin (Stockholm, Sweden)

  4. my respect n love for the departed soul. oh what a bassist, musician and human he was!

  5. My darling husband Spartacus R..Roy Bedeau..Always in my heart. Miss you today 1st january 2019, as I did the day you passed 30th July 2010.

  6. His bass lines powerful arcane Esemplastic and sexy

  7. Roy Bedeau Spartacus R - Ibae Baen Tonu. You are remembered here for your exquisite expressions of the power of a mans heart - yes through music and yet more so, for me, through the honest way you carried yourself with those who were drawn to you through your music, and the fine quality of your character.
    I love you.
    I'm sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.

  8. Am still very proud of this exceptional Kayak (meaning from Carriacou). It was such a proud moment when we discovered that Spartacus R was a Grenadian and a founding member of Osibisa. Rest in peace Mr. Bedeau.

  9. Just been listening to Third World War (vinyl). RIP mate.

  10. I saw Spartacus R perform in the White Horse pub in Stockwell in the late 80s. Captivating. I still have his cassette from that evening.